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27 July 1983
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I haven’t updated this in forever so here it goes.

I’m a guy in my late 20s, out of collage and working in the real world and mostly enjoying my job. I love history and that was my major. I like writing but I’m not always the fastest at it but I enjoy it.

At Fanfiction.net I'm WritenWright.
At Archive of Our Own I’m Pairatime.
I’m also on Dreamwidth as Pairatime.

My first and most beloved Fandom is Band Of Brothers.
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I don’t write in it much anymore but I’ll always love it.

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98 degrees, alex bellows, alex karev, alex/george, alexander the great, animorph, apollo/helo, atlantis, band of brothers, battlestar galactica, bdsm, books, bosco/bobby, bosco/jimmy, brandon/dylan, buck compton, cam/hunter, captain apollo, captain jack harkness, captain/dex, carson beckett, carwood lipton, chuck bass, chuck/nate, cooking, damian lewis, dan vasser, dark fics, david and jack, david/jack, dawson's creek, dex dearborn, dex/joe, dick winters, doc roe, doctor who, don malarkey, doug witter, drew lachey, dylan neal, easy company, eric johnson, eugene roe, fanfction, floyd talbert, frank perconte, george luz, george o'malley, george/alex, gossip girl, graham miller, helo, helo/apollo, history, hunter/cam, jack/david, jack/doug, jake berenson, jed garrity, jeff timmons, jimmy/bobby, joe toye, joe/dex, john barrowman, john sheppard, joseph sullivan, journeyman, kamen rider dragon knight, karate, karl agathon, kings, kink, lee adama, lewis nixon, major lorne, matt dusk, matthew settle, medical investigation, miles mccabe, mythquest, nate archibald, nick lachey, nixon, nixon/winters, paratroopers, patrick o'keefe, rareslash, richard winters, ronald speirs, rory william, scifi, scott grimes, shane taylor, shelter, simon tam, sky captain, sky captain slash, sky captain/dex, slash, slave fics, songvids, speirs, stargate atlantis, stephen connor, talbert, the special hell, the war boys, third watch, third watch slash, toccoa boys, torchwood, what about brian, whitney fordman, whitney/clark, winters, world affairs, world war ii, xander/graham, young americans, zach/shaun